Think the only things I've consistently disliked since the day I was born

are Parma Violets.


Preach it.

  • I like them
  • Indifferent
  • Don’t like them

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Absolutely no idea

For me it’s War


whats a parma violet?

I’ve never liked olives, tried them once, never again.

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  • Not on parma violet-book option that froglet forgot to include in the first poll

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Violet scented, chalky textured sweets

They taste like pot-pourri.

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sugary? Yeah I’m not a sweet’s type guy.

God tier of sweets, don’t @ me


Not better than Smarties surely?

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For a long time I’ve insisted there’s no common food which I wouldn’t eat if offered to me at a dinner party, but then I remembered rice pudding and I think that might be it.

  • Rice pudding is yummy
  • Rice pudding is shit food for freaks

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Hmm. Smarties are also in the god tier, but I’m not gonna commit to ranking within that exalted company. Too tricky.

Rice pudding more like nice pudding

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Tbh I’m so polite I probably would eat it if served at a dinner party, but I don’t think I’d enjoy it. Been a long time since I last had it though.

All puddings are gross. Most likely because I’m American and its all second hand garbage here I’m sure. Just gelatinous globs of grossness.

Are Smarties sweets? I think I think of them as chocolates.

Smarties are:

  • Sweets
  • Chocolate

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I think I think that when I think of them, Smarties are chocolates

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Yeah pudding in the UK doesn’t just mean the weird goop you get in the States, I couldn’t say I’m a fan of that stuff either.