Think the only things I've consistently disliked since the day I was born

I’m talking about these bad boys, which I thought originated in the UK. Wrong again NY!

they’re refreshers mate


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Wtf those aren’t Smarties

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I find the trick is to put nutmeg in it so it’s less bland.

Although I quite like it, I couldn’t imagine serving it at a dinner party, mind, even to people I didn’t really like.

These are Smarties

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Its not a breath mint. It’s a sweet little sugary snack.

Those are M&M’s. :laughing:

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Nah we have M&Ms too, very different to the true gourmand

Haha Americans think refreshers are breath mints


legit just spat tea everywhere


Just remembered American chocolate bars are all messed up too, Milky Ways and Mars Bars are all confused.

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What’s the difference? :grinning:

Tea at 10:20PM! The fucking English man. :rofl:


So what we know in the U.K. as Milky Way is known in the US as a Three Musketeers. What Americans call a Milky Way is known everywhere else as a Mars bar.

Do Mars bars exist in the US?

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American chocolate is foul.

The TRUE debate is right here though.

got a nice three day weekend so throwing caution to the wind!

Get a fucking beer will ya.