Think we can all agree that in a pack of sweets

The yellow colour is always likely to be best
followed by green (if lime, the best but the chance of it being apple or melon, nah)
Purple is a dependable mid tabler
Red can either be cherry or raspberry, but the probability of it being usually strawberry bumps it down
Orange is always bottom cause it’s the most boring


Wow, absolutely not.


i’d move yellow from first to last but then agree with you

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Yellow and orange are usually worst


I’m heading to M&Ms World to prove you wrong RIGHT NOW.

Red > Purple > Orange > Yellow > Green


Okay now I’ve had a second to get over the terrible first sentence, yeah the rest is ordered right. I’d put yellow second to last.

Also green is good as any of the flavors and stays in place but I kinda rank it equal to purple

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could you identify different colour M and Ms in a blindfold test?

  • of course
  • not a chance

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they all taste exactly the same


surprised at the yellow dissent. who doesn’t like lemon or pineapple flavours?!

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Yeah I thought this was more like sports mix, fruit pastilles, jelly joys talk.

Green and purple are always the best.

(this applies to fruit pastiles, opal fruits, loads of sweets)

(but not parmaviolets)


what are jelly joys?

Red (especially if strawberry) > Green (particularly if apple or melon) > Yellow > Orange > Purple

Oops, I meant Jelly tots!

Is editing posts something I get when I make it to the next tier?

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I don’t really like sweets but the few that I do, thinking of those bear things - are they gummy bears?

The clear is the best, followed by yellow, wouldn’t eat any of the other colours.

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Red is best
Orange is great
Purple can call me
Yellow is fine
Green in the bin

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Ok if the flavor for the yellow is pineapple, fair point. It’s mostly always lemon though.

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fruit pastiles > jelly babies > opal fruits > wine gums > skittles > chewits

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yellow also the best in fruit pastilles.

All the jelly like sweets are best in yellow.