Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory

It’s a stupid point scoring exercise that doesn’t achieve anything.

I apologise unreservedly to anyone I have called a Tory on here in a state of grumpiness or reverse snobbery.

Let’s just get on with the business of trying to convince people to make better choices for everyone x





open your heart up a little mate

Is this because you’re a Tory now?

no, and people shouldn’t vote that way or advocate for their policies.

It’s just often used on here as a dumb reductive insult to shame people about their purchases when the majority of us are struggling to keep it together and help others where we can x


it’s bit like when people started using gammon in opposition to snowflake. Creating shit insults to combat shit insults. Need to stick to the classics, imo

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Lock them up.

Gammon is a great insult you tory.


I take your point @Bamnan

Being an actual Tory is pretty dreadful and it belittles those killed regularly by the party’s oppressive and heartless policies to make a spurious comparison to eating or buying a specific thing to Toryism.


I think it’ll go fine as long as we are respectful

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Misread the thread title as ‘…calling people Tony’


think anyone called Tony has ever had the nickname T-bone?


I think they have

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I wholeheartedly endorse this message. It’s unnecessarily divisive, and given we (on the left) are supposed to be compassionate and caring, we should extend that compassion to people who have had different upbringings and therefore different viewpoints now.


How about a mortuary for Tories


I don’t know how far left I am really. Pretty left I guess.

Chances are there will be some things I am wrong about and some people on here who are more progressive and better than me.

maybe all the people on the left should pick a really Tory constituency and go and live there then like in 4 years we could affect a real change.

I wonder if this has ever been done before.

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well, maybe.

Pick where the worst MP is.

…Peter Bone is pretty bad

yeah, but what about something workable on DiS?

I’m willing to forgive anyone on here richer than me and put it down to my own jealousy and insecurities tbh.

Maybe others can follow suit x

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