Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory


Let’s just all be decent to each other, hey?

(Haven’t read the thread)


this is what I’m saying we shouldn’t be doing.

Nice to find common ground :slight_smile:


It had to be done as I could anticipate what would be said next and I do actually have some work to do. And the sooner I finish that work the sooner I can go home.


Because it’s hypocritical?


Shut it, turd!


no, it’s not hypocritical I’m afraid.

Sorry we lost it :frowning:


welp, i’m ill at home so i’m going to keep going down this line of questioning.

Was it JUST question time you would watch?


Clive loves watching political stuff. I don’t because of the overwhelming Tory bias. I was mostly looking at stuff on my phone, to be fair.


i’d say its used as humourous shorthand to criticise unthinking privilege, usually. i think that’s fine. also sometimes its obviously just mucking about like - whats your favourite soup?

  • minestrone
  • minesTORY

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that’s also fine.


Maybe the real Conservative Party is the friends we made along the way.

(Haven’t read the thread, seems pretty Tory to me)


Coming swaggering in, swinging your big opinions around without reading the thread?

Very Tory (sorry Bam etc, but this kind of was asking for it).


Might start a tory pride thread

(not really)


I think the problem is it’s used too often and too sweepingly, like DB said, poor or working class people can get nice treats too.

If you go to a nice restaurant or have a holiday you’re not automatically a Tory.


yeah that’s probably true. dont really care though, maybe i care about 11%.


though maybe if you go to a nice restaurant every day and often spend many thousands on a holiday you do need to check your privilege sometimes


Not automatically, just highly, highly probable!


‘roof blew off’


Yeah well, um, it TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!

Boom. 2-1 colossalhorse.


I hate eating in nice places because they just make me feel like a right skank. Just this whole embarrassing pretence of being a poor person indulged for an evening makes my skin crawl.


Completely depends on the context for me.

Saying someone’s a Tory because they have sugar in their tea’s silly.

Saying someone’s a Tory because they regularly mention their sizeable salary’s perfectly fine and should be encouraged.