Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory


I’ll hand in my champagne socialist badge at the door :slight_smile:


I think the latter would only really apply to CG on here though


If anyone thinks of you like that then that’s their problem so don’t worry about it.


just a bit of a farce though isn’t it, nicely dressed people coming over and saying “is your meal ok?” in a subservient tone.

Maybe if you could get really nice food but it was served in the atmosphere of a KFC I would like it


that’s just a KFC


getting a shitty mcdonalds late at night at a service station after a gig is probably the best meal I can imagine.


three beers and a bigmac is beyond euphoria


I’d strongly disagree, but i’m not really eager to prod that particular nest today.

I do think that things lose their comedic value when overused.


shit sitcom though :wink:


McDonalds does table service now. Imagine!


no! I don’t want that :frowning:


It’s optional, don’t worry too much.




O’sheas at 7pm?



Can get there for 8ish



has anyone made this joke yet?


Find it fine/vaguely amusing when it’s obviously very silly and related to how you cut a pizza or something ridiculous. Find it a bit more iffy and dismissive in a more serious discussion based thread.


No, you’re golden


I would at least like a hipoliticsofhateus on it.


You nailed it drownedinsound community member xylopwn.