Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory


I have a friend called Tory (her full name is Victoria).
Not sure whether she is a Tory, I don’t let political leanings get in the way of friendships like you idiots seem to do.



Kind of like people thinking that calling someone a Champagne Socialist is a terrible slur. I’m a socialist and I think everyone should be able to drink champagne if they want to. Obviously, I’m actually a real ale socialist.


Dan from Not Earth makes a fucking brilliant lemon drizzle cake. Prick is a brilliant drummer AND baker. He has it all!


I know what you mean. I hate having someone serving me calling me “sir”. It just feels weird.


Shouldn’t have gotten Kasabian to play.


Enjoying the O’Shea’s references these last few days.


probably put a stop to it after today though - the lad has paid the price.


I quite enjoyed the Conservative Party turning to a girl nicknamed Toff during the general election to make themselves seem more relevant and less elitist.


Good call.


Can’t see why you’d have a problem with this unless you literally voted for the conservatives. Which you obviously shouldn’t do, really?

Most of the time it’s used in jest and is reasonably funny I guess but idk.


can he be my friend too?


Actually quite surprised we managed 100+ out of this well played. :cricket_bat_and_ball:


idk, like I bought a really expensive guitar once. People could call me a Tory for that. It would hurt my feelings because I’ve never voted Tory


…actually I’ve bought a really expensive guitar twice :frowning:


Was she actually involved with their campaign? That’s hilarious.


Buying an expensive guitar isn’t tory bam, don’t worry


See @DarwinBabe 's post :+1:


… which is also a fallacy because there’s white gammon, Asian gammon, black gammon, to quote from Dusk till Gammon.


I vote Labour, eat and drink Tory.

Apart from foie gras.