Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory


I like it whether it’s being used facetiously or not and will continue to do so, thanks.

Worst thing in DiS parlance is ‘thinly veiled/tv’



you’re welcome!


The worst thing’s the cyclists, surely?


It’s not that, it’s ‘can I just shock you…?’


Is this the hill you’re going to die on?


Has anyone done the VicTORYa sponge gag yet?


Fine Gael right now are very Cameron era tories I feel


That’s not really what it’s understood to mean.

It’s more like the ‘Blue Labour’ MPs who loudly proclaim how much they love working class signifiers, without actually showing any solidarity to working class people, and as a means of trying to contrast themselves with progressive, but metropolitan people on the left.

Joe Kennedy has recently written a good book on it:


ah that’s cool, thought DB came up with it in-thread. I am happy to come up with a separate term for what’s described above


Being nice to each other on internet forums is really T-

…nah but if we were all just nicey nice to each other this whole time like some people wished, and continue to wish, that we were then you’d still all be rating how fit each other’s girlfriends are and getting annoyed at the SJW feminists, with their views and their body hair.

I know the response is to say that we should do away with the insults and just have Sensible, Rational discussions that call out bad behaviour etc., but then we’re getting on to the argument about tone delivery that we used to have on the old forums all the bloody time (which the SJWs ended up winning, on account of being right).

Anyway, the real point is that it’s just objectively funny to call people who refuse to have sex whilst their pets are in the same room Tories.


Having sex in front of animals is well Tory mate


you got to wait your turn


Fully agreed, nice one


Same. Not as harsh but on the way there.


I don’t think so, go for it!


I think you’re talking about something completely different here really.

If people are being abusive, racist, sexist or classist then yes they should be called out as such.

Don’t recall anything about tone delivery but if this means not personally attacking people where you can avoid it then I would agree with that.

I don’t have a pet and don’t have sex very often so can’t offer a constructive opinion on your last point I’m afraid.


Okay! Hang on, here goes…

Hey, the worst cake all round would be a VicTORYa sponge, right?!?!?!?


yes that would be a bad cake


Doubly bad:

‘nice/liberal/soft/good’ Tories enable the awful ones, they do nothing to hold them back, as evidenced by them all voting with their government over and over in this parliament where they could have done something about Brexit (and anything really).

And Major was a DREADFUL Prime Minister who oversaw the selling off of the railways amongst other things so he had his chance and he chose to make life terrible for ordinary people. However he seems to be now is of no consequence.


I read 90 replies of this, but I just want to say I absolutely agree with @bamnan.