Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory


Only another 210 replies to go sheeldz


Nah, it now shows I’ve read the whole thing. So I’m fine. :slight_smile:




absolutely nothing wrong with a quality Partridge reference thank you very much


was amusing for about a week. now twitter is just full of people shouting “lol gammon!!!” over and over and over at any bad opinion from an arsehole and it’s incredibly tiresome and embarrassing.


But enough about Drowned in Sound


think it used to be alright but it’s really reached the point where it looks like a Mumsnet abbreviation or something, like ‘DH’ and all that. don’t really like the idea of outsiders thinking we’re the indie Mumsnet.


I meant they wouldn’t be far wrong …


In a lot of these polls where someone arbitrarily assigns some act as ‘tory’ (because, I guess, they see it as not embodying the pursuit of a 19th Century working class person, etc.) I’d have thought ‘neoliberal’ could work better in any case. It seems to mean Blairite/centrist lover of capitalism in general (regardless of what its actual definition is).




:thinking: :thinking:

Things you have been slow to realise


As I said, he’s still a Tory. Meaning that there’s no good Tory.


Ah fair enough :grin:




Things learned in this thread: totally fuck all :smiley:


Seems 17 people have agreed not to call each other Tories so that’s some progress!


I think Im going to keep doing it - sorry

Its just a jokey insult

In the same way if I called you a dickhead I would not expect there to be a phallus growth upon your fod.


Yeah, but you could also not do it though?


ha…forcing your opinions of me

how democratic.

lets put it to a vote??

  • Continue calling people tories
  • Tory option

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