Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory


Many years ago, as a younger man having grown up in Scotland, meeting a Tory voter for the first time was like encountering a strange mythical creature.

My open-mouthed reaction and simple question of ‘why?’ was at first met with ‘just always have’ but digging deeper led into the usual abhorrent views.

These days I can sniff one out and it is usually cause I feel incredibly uncomfortable when anything from the news comes up in conversation. It’s just an empathy and understanding bypass in all of their views.

I dunno if we should continue to run this joke into the ground or not but there is merit in engaging with those we disagree with but I think it’s a judgement call - some people are beyond saving because of (aforementioned) empathy/understanding issues and maybe the wee odd starfish can be saved (I dunno why this popped into my head).




Something like this is so good that I feel a need to share it with everyone I know … but it take so much explaining that it really just isn’t worth it sadly


In summary then: Tory.


got a friend at work that i greatly enjoying calling Tory all the time because he’s a big Labour supporter but from a Tory family, including an uncle who is or was an actual member (impressive commitment given how tiny and irrelevant the Tories are in NI, unless he previously lived elsewhere). he also once made the mistake of telling me that when he was younger and not really politically engaged he used to think David Cameron was quite good. i’ve obviously never ever let him forget this.

all in good fun though.


I called my colleague a tory because her and her husband were living at his parents house, and had been for 7 years, so they could save money to buy TWO houses. Obviously to rent one out to make money from it. Absolutely unbelievable. They could have moved out years ago if they just bought one.

She had the cheek to complain about the state of the housing market too, and insisted she’d be a good landlord! lol


Neither parents ever voted Conservative, although my Dad said he’s not voted Labour 100% of the time. Distinctly remember a canvasser knocking one day and saying “Hello, I’m your Conservative candidate” and my Dad saying “Yes, I fucking well know you are” and I was all :open_mouth:


Fucking hell what’s wrong with people


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If it wasn’t for all that defence of Pumpkins from Machina-onwards bollocks that was a quality thread


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