Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory


Gold Lightan vs the robot from that Ice world capcom game - madness!


Feel like there should at least be a checklist you have to complete before you’re allowed to call someone one. seems to be anything goes at the moment

No homeowners
Are as politically active as your circumstances allow
Give at least x% of spare income to charity


i would say yes, it is. it doesn’t feel fluid, which was the only good thing about that system, but they’ve ramped up the silliness


but that often extends to ‘not feeling guilty that you are alive’


maybe we should just ask people if they are up for a chat about their consumer choices?

If so we can say “have you thought about how this affects x y z?”

If they say “not really, I’m very busy and under a lot of stress, some bad stuff going on in my life” you can just be “fair enough mate, maybe some other time :)”


What about Tori Amos?

I mean its fine in print but what about in speech?

Can I still call her that out loud?


idk, think it extends to ‘feel guilty that we have enormous privilige’ sometimes, which isnt the worst thing in the world.


let’s take it further and say that if people want to chat about their consumer choices they’ll be forthcoming, otherwise leave them alone :slight_smile:


Gammon is at least based on the reality that so many ignorant right wingers are so angry at everything that they go very red in the face, especially when trying to make a point about something based on hating foreigners in the audience at Question Time.


There are varieties of Tory, though. John Major is a very mild Tory in comparison to some of those currently in office. He’s still a Tory though.


I would definitely give 99.9% of dissers the benefit of the doubt in terms of understanding their comparative privilege. checking people on it feels interesting to me, as DD said upthread it’s a little ‘authentocrat’ (going to use this word a lot now)


yes you can! :slight_smile:


not sure I’m willing to go that far, we all have blindspots and sometimes it can be helpful for people to point out things you haven’t considered if it’s done nicely


I can’t stop calling my boyfriend Clive here rather than his real name. That’s not on at all.


can’t believe your boyfriend isn’t actually called Clive!


Thanks Bam I appreciate you being flexible in these difficult times.

I will adhere to all over rules that you set out for us



just try your best!


I always do scout!


more often than not it tends not to be done nicely at all, so given that’s the case, probably best if we leave people be and not assign ourselves as moral arbiters in an environment and forum people come to to escape their stresses.

i know i’m talking madness here


if only you had mentioned baggy trousers.