Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory

Speak to a celeb of his stature?! Madness!


we’re all humans xylo and trying our best

actually sometimes I don’t try my best because I’m lazy then the next day I think “why are you being such a knob?!”

So…sometimes we try our best?

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but cake?

dunno what that is but sounds good!


In what context?

aaah. Gosh people have good memories!

I feel like we’ve lost sight of what makes DiS good sometimes.

Anyone dune “moraTORYum” yet?

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somebody did!

Well I’m not scrolling back to find out who.



bye! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t possibly look at the old board now, too tainted and sad. Lucky for me most of my accounts got banned I must have said some horrible shit :frowning:

Bone, Hollobone and Pursglove are the worst MPs in the country and they’re all in Northants.

Bone, Hollobone and Pursglove sounds very Dickensian, doesn’t it.


I think there was a weird naive thing about being young through the 2000s for me (as a white man) that we were winning the culture battle and sexism and racism were going away so it was ok to make stupid ironic edgy jokes. Crazy

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informed by the stupid comedies on TV, stuff like south park and family guy and buzzcocks where people were just dicks to everyone all the time as if none of it really mattered.

how does Peter Bone keep getting elected?! Who is he serving?!

Maybe voter turnout in my area is just particularly poor

gross as shit, going hand in hand with being in bands and the sort of laddy banter and hedonism that was glorified.

I hope people in their late teens/early twenties now are more conscious of this stuff

People on here are very happy to talk a lot about how normalising a particular type of discourse in a society starts allowing unacceptable creep into casually oppressive language, but that doesn’t seem to apply here to terms that are pejorative of non-lefties.


it’s a difficult to find what you are comfortable with in your heart when you really feel like being on the right is fundamentally harmful to people. I mean, I don’t want people to be on the right, I don’t want people to feel that way about the world, it makes me sad and angry