Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory


yeah probably best to keep it to specific threads really.

I’ve learnt a lot from this place through being called on my own bullshit though.


A month or so ago me and Clive were enjoying a pint in the front area of our local pub. At the precise moment that I pushed my sunglasses up my nose, using only my middle finger, a man in a Porsche passing by looked straight at me. He obviously thought I was sticking up my middle finger at him. I wasn’t. But I don’t care because he was obviously a Tory.


or the cover of Cecilia


okay agreed: we’ll still call you on yours.

Well this has worked out really well


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maybe if we have a nice succint abbreviation for it so people can signal they are being nice about it.


ayufacaycc? (are you up for a chat about your consumerist choices?)

which if you say it phonetically sounds a bit like “are you for cake?”

so you can just say “cake?”


i dont really know what that word means.

back to the first excellent post i made though isnt it, there’s a difference between ‘you’re not a good person because you do x, which is tory’ & ‘x is tory’.


@shrewbie we now have a new word to just say a lot on the boards. you’re welcome


Suggs was sat at the table next to me in Moro once.


It’s not going to get overused so shrewbie will understand I’m sure.


i think it means there’s a massive sense of people more concerned about being authentically left, loudly, by attempting to belittle others, that has been prominent on this board for years but has really ramped up a notch. doing the whole hahaha ‘tory’ thing is basically a facile way of feeling like you’re on the ‘right side’ without any positive change whatsoever. It’s pointscoring at a schoolyard level.

It’s basically a bit pathetic.

Anyway that’s my reading of it!


And if you say cake twice you could make it sound like kaka.


take it to the ‘greatest moments of your life’ thread


feel like we’ve all made progress today.

Thanks x


what did you say to him?


Speak to a celeb of his stature?! Madness!


i dont really buy that virtue signalling line generally, or on here specifically. i mean you could put that frame on any moral argument ever and just sail off into the sunset.

it’s not like we dont have discussions about why people think some things are tory, idk if that could be counted as positive change but ive had some bad opinions of my own swayed to better ones & i’m pretty positive about that.


we’re all humans xylo and trying our best


actually sometimes I don’t try my best because I’m lazy then the next day I think “why are you being such a knob?!”

So…sometimes we try our best?


i think the nuanced conversations we have are brilliant.

i think HAHA TORY does nothing but feel like braying donkeys congratulating themselves.

but there we are.