Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory


but cake?


it’s the solution we’ve been waiting for. it’s the new 85%


dunno what that is but sounds good!


people used to use it when someone do a thinlyveiled brag



In what context?


hmm i think it was louis tacos who said that 85% of the posts are just veiled ways of people bigging themselves up. so it’d get used if someone was trying to sneak a brag under the radar


aaah. Gosh people have good memories!


wonder how often that actually happens without the conversation following it up. dunno, nevermind.


i mean there are whole threads, actual whole threads, of endless polls pushing people into decisions between viewpoints that just shorthand ‘tory’ to try and shame people in their opinions. to pretend that doesn’t happen daily is hilarious.

nvm indeed.


yeah that’s obviously ironic tho innit, I didn’t know we were arguing that point


I feel like we’ve lost sight of what makes DiS good sometimes.


Anyone dune “moraTORYum” yet?


when does it stop being ironic and start being a solid way of making people feel weird about things? i remember someone had to formally ask people to leave off because comments were made about their mum having more than one property that were just bullish (and tbh a lil bit of bullying).


somebody did!


Well I’m not scrolling back to find out who.



I think since the reboot DiS has been so vastly, vastly better on nearly every conceivable level with the exception of ghosts of the old board sentiments trying to keep going through sheer stubborn, cynical, holier-than-thou judgemental pointscoring.


bye! :slight_smile:


I couldn’t possibly look at the old board now, too tainted and sad. Lucky for me most of my accounts got banned I must have said some horrible shit :frowning:


everyone did. absolutely everyone. and it was applauded. this board is so much better to the nth degree


I think silly polls about abstract concepts are fine and bullying people about specific things in their life is bad.