Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory

Tell you what is objectively funny and that’s when gammons complain they’re being racially abused based on the colour of their skin


if someone says to me “I think I should own more stuff than you because less people can do my job so I am worth more” do I have to agree with that?

Aye. If your personal ideology is *every man for himself" (how sexist!) and “offence can’t be caused, only taken” I won’t lose any sleep when you suddenly find you’re not on the top of the pile any more.


because most people on here aren’t holding those views or taking pride in them

I mean I guess I need to put in the work to try and find and understand how “I think I should own more stuff than you because less people can do my job so I am worth more” can come from a place of compassion. Maybe there is a way and I’m just too stupid to see it

that’s my definition of the right

I often find myself clicking the Tory option in our great dis polls.


I wonder if there’s a good reduced way to condense the views of the right.

if you for instance said: I think people need to be incentivised to work harder for everyone’s collective benefit but we should try to keep the inequality to a minimum where we can

would that be right wing?

I watched an episode or two when at a friend’s place.

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Before me and Clive moved in to a flat together, I would stay at his place. His old flat had a TV. His flatmate had arranged for the flat to have a TV licence.

To go back to xylo’s earlier point, though, the usage of “Tory” on DiS is a long way from meaning “voter for the Conservative Party”.

It’s used on here as a “humorous” shorthand to criticise certain opinions and/or life choices.


Let’s just all be decent to each other, hey?

(Haven’t read the thread)


this is what I’m saying we shouldn’t be doing.

Nice to find common ground :slight_smile:

It had to be done as I could anticipate what would be said next and I do actually have some work to do. And the sooner I finish that work the sooner I can go home.

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Because it’s hypocritical?

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Shut it, turd!

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no, it’s not hypocritical I’m afraid.

Sorry we lost it :frowning:

Clive loves watching political stuff. I don’t because of the overwhelming Tory bias. I was mostly looking at stuff on my phone, to be fair.

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Maybe the real Conservative Party is the friends we made along the way.

(Haven’t read the thread, seems pretty Tory to me)


Coming swaggering in, swinging your big opinions around without reading the thread?

Very Tory (sorry Bam etc, but this kind of was asking for it).