Think we should declare a moratorium on calling people a Tory


Quite enjoying this developing little side joust.


She should be addressed as Ms Amos at all times.


It’s literally the paradox of tolerance, isn’t it.


I mean if I believe that right wing views are harmful to people and cruel, I don’t want to condone having those views. I honestly don’t feel like it’s a right worth protecting


Yes please. Do you have lemon?


cool. so when we talk about people who say things with the word ‘left’ substituted for ‘right’ being abominable…


Do you not think pejorative language can be harmful to people and cruel?


lemon cake is probably the best cake all round isn’t it?

Can’t really have a shit lemony cake


that’s because the left and right aren’t the same thing. One is objectively bad to me the other isn’t


I dunno what I can say about that whilst being honest to what I feel really


that’s fine. you’re highlighting why it is hypocrisy. i don’t mind you acknowledging that but then saying ‘what are you gonna do though eh?’. that’s also fine.


yes I do. that’s why it’s important to try and bring people along and make them understand where they are going wrong in a way that’s not personally abusive




that’s just not hypocrisy though


then you need to read more of those books you hate


isn’t the term false equivalence or something?


it’s certainly a term


oppression of tories isn’t a great concern to me, no.

not interested at all in that prescriptive reasoning where you go ‘if you think x group should be protected you should also think right wing people should be protected’. i dont, i dont care about the logical reasoning behind it.


you’re making out like it’s some Lilliputian thing


Tell you what is objectively funny and that’s when gammons complain they’re being racially abused based on the colour of their skin