Think you know Nizlopi? Think again!

Nizlopi - The Uncensored Story

Out 4th April 2017

They played Deaf Institue recently. Charged loads

Do you think Nizlopi are furious about Ed Sheeran? They definitely are aren’t they

You can find out in Nizlopi - The Untold Story!

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Is The Untold Story different to The Uncensored Story? Seems like a lot of stories for a one hit wonder.

You take that back!

Didn’t he roadie for them?

Ha, that’s a funny story! you can read all about it exclusively in Nizlopi: The Undisputed Truth.

whatever happened to that album the singer was planning of songs written whilst hitch-hiking to Palestine? (not a joke)

In 2009 I hitchhiked from England to Palestine to live intentionally, wildly, and boldly. I wrote as I went, inspired by the people and places found when going with the wind. A bear found me at dusk in my wild camp in the mountains of Transylvania. A strong Fisherman’s broken heart sang purely. I received some of the legendary Anatolian hospitality from a family who plucked me from the roadside, eventually arriving in Palestine to volunteer as a peace worker. After falling in love, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. The trip was inspiring and renewing. It woke me up. I began to see: If these people can work under the hardest of circumstances twelve hours a day just to survive, then why can’t I give my all to the art I love?

The music born from this trip is infused by my heightened sense that we are one people and one land all over the world. We are in this together, and if we act with that awareness, we slowly become sane and whole again. These songs are for the poorest, the Broken in nature, and for that which gives Life. They are a contribution to the movement for social and ecological justice…and some are even good to dance to! All of these stops have led to my debut album ‘Give It All’, a record that contains the joy and the tears of these years in the wilderness. The album launched in theAutumn of 2013, and has toured Europe since. I am now working on a new set of songs and based in Boston, America with my sweetheart.

Genre: folk, hip hop

is this an excerpt from Nizlopi: The Unnecessary Truth?

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I don’t generally like to sneer, but that biography really is something isn’t it…

Other working titles for the book:
The Importance of Being (Overly) Earnest
Concannon’s Mush
Not Sloppy: The Story of Nizlopi

“…and that’s how I wound up inspired to write a song about a JCB.”

Nizlopi: The Impression That I JCB