Thinking about becoming an expert in Soviet history

My findings so far…

LENIN - Good ideas, bad lad.

TROTSKY - Good ideas, good lad.

STALIN - Bad ideas, bad lad.

KHRUSHCHEV - Bad ideas, good lad.

BREZHNEV - Bad ideas, bad lad.

GORBACHEV - Good ideas, good lad.

(CAVEAT - Murdering people’s bad)



Maybe extra credit for pointing out that young stalin was a hottie?

Have you decided on a stance about Soviet architecture at this early stage?

100% in favour.


I not too long ago finished reading The Romanovs by Montefiore, great read and definitely worth checking out. Lods of lads in that book.

nailed it

It’s a shame you can’t judge Lenin seperately to all the murdering. Not arsed about him crushing the upper classes, but he did a bit too much massacring for me. Didn’t really have to kill the royal kids either.


Why’s Khrushchev a good lad?

Might buy a beret and just put my mattress on the floor.


Don’t think he actually ordered or knew much about the execution until after it happened though? He was definitely ‘lol, nice one’ after he heard the news though.

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Dismantled the cult of personality thing, stopped mass murdering civIlians, reformed their economic policy, handled the nuclear crisis quite well?

Not what i’ve heard off my ITK sources.

Think Tsar Nic’s dad hung his brother, or sutin idk.

Bolshevik mates?

Got to go to ALDIS, lads. Can we have an in depth discussion about the advantages and drawbacks of socialism and communism in my absence so i can memorise a few buzzwords and snippets and pass them off as my own #onions in the boozer later?

Rasputin - weird lad go away?


Big place. Maybe too big?

Quite like him.

Definitely just a bit of a waster/shagger who winged it, and that i can respect.


After arguing with some dickheads with a Stalin flag at the Durham Miners Gala, I’ve found that weird Stalin-revisionism and Holodomor denial is actually fairly widespread in some far left circles.

Just pretty disheartening and depressing all-round.


My findings:

Mr Lenin - awaken the boy
Mr Stalin - bisexual epoch
Khrushchev - self love in his mirrors
Brezhnev - married into group sex
Gorbachev - celibate self importance


Kind of related, has anyone seen the Red Army documentary about the CSKA/Soviet Union ice hockey side of the 70s/80s?


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