Thinking of u ☺

Hi Rarity! Glad to hear you’re doing well, hope lockdown was okay

Hi Rarity!

Yeah it’s been fine for me. I’ve been working the whole time and I was always pretty isolated at the office anyway so being at home didn’t change much, just meant I had times for TV and vidya games when I had nothing to do :smiling_imp:

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Just realised that I’m on a new account from when you were here last it’s Funkhouser

Oh hey bud! How’s tricks?

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All good thanks, start a new job at a brewery on Monday. Still churning out HGATR threads and started a thing you might not have heard about yet called Menless Monday.

Well this is something of a…rarity :sunglasses:

CSI music


A new post from you is a… thing that isn’t so common

Is there a word for that?

Also hello again :smiley:

Welp this thread had a good run. Bye folks


Ooh, nice! Good luck on the new job!

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Hi Rarity! Hope you’re good.

Totally fell off the Marina train recently but I stuck on The Family Jewels the other day and it still bangs. Must check out the new one!

Hi! Yeah I’d dropped off Marina after Froot was kinda crap but this album is a huge return to form. It really feels like it picks up from her Family Jewels/Electra Heart era so you’ll probably have a good time with it :slight_smile:

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Hello! Welcome back!

Hi! :slight_smile:

Oh hell yeah.
The Squad is forever.
Good to see you Rarity and good to know you’re doing well :sunglasses::+1:


Squirtle Squad ain’t nothing to fuck with! <3

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I forgive you <3

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