Thinking of watching every Jurassic Park film

Dunno why

Only seen two, the first which I haven’t seen for about 25 years and the first of the reboots which was cack. The trailer for the new one looks awful but I am morbidly curious

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I wouldn’t bother.


I read this as ‘thank you for watching every Jurassic park film’. That would also be a good thread.

i watched all of the underworld films during lockdown. this sounds better

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Watch the first two and save yourself some time by skipping the rest.

Can’t be arsed


Trying to limit my time on here of late, but threads like this make popping in worthwhile.


It’s been a long time since I watched them, but from memory, 3>2, imho.

The thing about those dinosaurs is, they’re some of the toughest guys you’ll meet in your life, but they’re some of the most humble too. And once you got their respect, it’s yours for life.


Is this an actual quote?

Cause if so, I’m back in

Think Jurassic Park might be up there with Rambo as the series which has had the biggest drop off from original to sequels

I’ve seen the first one many, many times because it is a perfect film.

I went to the cinema for Jurassic World and walked out because it was utter shit.

Just watch the first one repeatedly imo


Thankfully for ur sake there are only 3 jurassic park movies before they spin off to the Jurassic World movies. Now i will say this about the first World movie… it has a couple of spectacularly dumb momenta which make forsome fairly entertaining blockbuster moments but then you have to to put up with some of the worst cast of characters to ever exist… somehow making 3s cast seem positively likable by conparrison…and it completely lacks any sense of awe and wonder… its sterlile and shot in a way to make dinosaurs seems as unspectacular as humanly possible. The 2nd world has a good horror movie scene… the res tof the movie is pants. The new one seems somehow even worse; doubling down on the dinosaur whisperer angle with charisma vaccum pratt is a dumb idea

I still cant believe the leaked script of weaponised raptors all those years ago a) turned out to be true and b) hollywood followed through with it despite being openly riddiculed about the concept for years… but its also made all the money so what do we know

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The Matrix.

watched all three in a weekend once. Yeah 2 and 3 aren’t brilliant but they do the job of having mild peril and dino’s so it’s all good. Third was probably the best out of the sequels but i can’t honestly remember.

Have fun!

I’m still hoping they eventually make my idea - Jurassic Park IV: Raptors in Space.


Lost World and 3 are on Freeview this weekend, got the first one on now.

Did Richard Attenborough forget about his Scottish accent

Haven’t watched any of the new ones and I’m not going to, not until Crichton finishes the books.


The Lost World is alright really. Just doesn’t have the initial awe value of the first one and they probably shouldn’t have made it so the ‘heroes’ are the ones (not so) indirectly responsible for everything going wrong

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Fucking cracked up at this in work.

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