Thirdsday thread: The One Where Jeremys_Iron Inadvertently References Friends And Is Subsequently Mortified

Alright guys? Double you, eff, haitching today so I can finally take delivery of a couple of sofas and say goodbye to this prick forever:

What’s going on with you?



Not much tbh.

Need to decide whether we wanna go up to Stockport at the end of the month and join some bike nerds for a bike ride.

Should really paint the hallway tonight but really really cba. Been putting it off all week though :expressionless:

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Is it awkward to paint chief? Dreading ours.

Published a book yesterday after a really long day, so I have spent the first hour of work making custom emojis for slack and eating Toblerone.


It’s not awkward, it’s just that we’re painting it two different colours… so a bit of effort. Just really can’t be fucked.

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Ooft what colours are you going for? My wife wants half of our hallway wallpapered below the dado rail in this: and then painted above :roll_eyes: EFFORT


Got coffee going and some sausages cooking, so things might be looking up.

Could really do with a holiday. My best mate is in Copenhagen and posting all the pics to make me jelly.

You should go to Stockport, there are some nice places around Stockport. Look:

Google Photos

Google Photos


Coffee and sozzers will see you right man :+1: Does your mate live out there or just on holiday?

I was just about to post that stockport sounds like it would be a shit place, but this looks nice.

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morning team,

i hope you all have a splendid day today!

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Morning chaps

Nothing doing today. Going for a quieter day than yesterday, and an earlier finish. Just want to sleep all the time atm. Bodes well for the impending birth of our baby

Stockport itself is a bit run down (it is improving though), but there are some lovely areas around it.


Holiday! So its all amazing tiny beer bars and delicious looking hot dog pics :(((((

Ooooh, where are those places??



Don’t understand how I was the last one in out of 7 in this office when I arrived at 08:30…these people are animals, I can’t compete with that

I was guilty of this when I was over there :grimacing:

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Another sick day.

I feel like I’m fully taking the piss now.

Say you worked in organisational development, and had been in the job for four months when the head of hr invites you to apply for a much better job with them. Would you tell your boss you’re going to apply before doing so, or would you wait until you’re offered an interview /the job. I wouldn’t mind so much except hr and od are part of the same team and I’m worried it’d cause friction