Thirst Day Even Tide



Remember when Barrymore (Michael, not Drew) used to say ‘awight?!’ and John ‘Fash’ Fashanu used to say ‘AWOOGA!’

Having a pint and a read, then taking my life into my hands by road testing the Blyth Hill Tavern ahead of Saturday’s LME meat.

Elton John’s ‘Sacrifice’

Before that, catching @plasticniki imminently and helping her out with her hair.

What’s you folks doing?


Evening he_2, gonna have a crack at making this tonight as everyone who’s tried it raves about it


That looks and sounds lush.

Let us know how it goes.




Been feeling the heft off cutlery in my hand in John lewis.

The heft directly correlates with price unfortunately.


Had a stinker of a day. Tomorrow will be even worse. Baby bathed, waiting for her to go down. Hopefully it’ll be easier than last night, a here she was a total dickhead a night. Je suis :zzz:. Lasagne and herbal tea for dinner. Bed.


Doesn’t always follow, but when my two were bairns, better night’s tended to follow bad. Fingers crossed for you, man.

Edit - and the good lady too, of course.


First bad one in a long time. Up 6 times. So yeah, hoping she’s better tonight


Seeing let’s eat grandma :older_woman:


treated myself to a pizza tonight :smiley: @whiterussian

got so much to do tonight, laundry and cleaning the roof and cleaning out the fridge and defrosting the freezer and recycling and packing blah blah blah

best get on with it i suppose





Had a bad pizza last night which gave me terrible epimers during the night and through into the morning. Eerrrrrrwee too much cheesey fat late at night.

Still struggled into work as was on planning in the morning and feel bit better now, sacking off yoga to sit at home and eat toast though.

Warm innit?


are you a hairdresser @he_2?

I’m gonna cook some salmon then might do some gym


This sounds like @he_2 is going to cut it for you. Let me warn you now… He has no experience.


Only if I can use a meat cleaver.


Having oven chips for dinner. I know someone who only cooks their oven chips until they aren’t frozen any more because he doesn’t have the attention span to wait until their crisp. He’s weird.


i dont really understand what’s going on then but okay


does he realise you can do other stuff while they cook? like you don’t need to sit and watch them the whole time


I’m clutching on to the last of the sunshine


One of those times I look forward to some pre gig dining but have ordered something inedible, and am grimly trying to persevere because I can’t just leave a plate of uneaten food, but suffer with every bite