Thirst Day Even Tide

“accidentally” knock it onto the floor

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Deets and pics pls.

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Work has been really busy this week and this is the first day I’ve not stayed 1-2 hours late, but I am about to wfh. On a positive note, the TV is cooking curry and it smells really good so I am looking forward to dinner. I may have a bath and go to bed early.

He’s actually quite intelligent and a PhD student, he just doesn’t have much common sense for these sorts of things.

A Japanese place, the pork is insanely salty and there is no relief from the rice which seems to be covered in salted mayonnaise

Made this for my housemates once and one of them said it was the best dish he’d ever had. This is not a humblebrag more praise for that recipe and Meera Sodha in general. GBOL.


On my way home from Bergen. I’ve bought a Halloween themed pajama onesie that I’m definitely putting on and taking a pic of for @Witches as soon as I get home.


I’m in Blagoevgrad, BG. The temperature has plummeted in the last two days so I’ve had to kit myself out in some very unstylish second hand clothes and abandon plans to camp. In a quiet guesthouse having pizza and beer and reading Normal People.

Having to tread water a bit as my gf is getting to Thessaloniki on Wednesday and I’m about 3 day’s cycle away, so looking at taking a longer, coastal route rather than just cycling less each day.


laughing quite a bit at this


Let’s name some names so that you haven’t suffered in vein.

Evening! I just finished watching the Dr Ford testimony in the US and jfc.

Making a halloumi burger, drinking wine and watching baseball. Tomorrow is gonna be stressful but then it’s my birthday surprise from the TV. I am supposed to bring a bike helmet but no bike :man_shrugging:

I am also having oven chips. Thick cut.

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Have shit loads of work to do and also having to go far too deep into UK employment law this evening. Too much going on :confused:

Just sack them and hope they don’t go to tribunal. :wink:

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Going on holiday with @plasticniki?


Oh mate if only it were that simple. Bound by confidentiality agreements so can only moan in vague terms on here but I really want to moan. So I’m just gonna abstractly moan. Moan moan moan.

Can anyone put on Great British Menu and tell me why that chef is wearing that wig? It is a wig, isn’t it? I have literally just turned the telly on.

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Yes, I cut @plasticniki’s hair. She hasn’t stabbed me so I think it’s all okay.

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I think you’re getting a unicycle.