Thirst things thirst

Just a thread title at the minute. Need to think of what to do with it.


Famished into thin air.

Not sure what I’m doing here, just trying to help you get started.

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I’ll eat ya brains

Appreciate the effort, thank you

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If you can’t eat them, join them

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An idea I had was to do a poll in my OP and “I’ll eat ya brains” would’ve been one of the options

Fairly happy to go in this direction with it I guess

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A problem shared is a problem starved.

Actually, I’m not sure I am that happy to go in this direction after all

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How about we each say what we would like to drink first after, say, 12 hours with no drinks and it is quite hot outside

Yeah. We can try that, thanks Juke

“A glass of water”


For me it would be

“a glass of sparkling water”

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My water might be sparkling as well actually.

Conversationally, I tend to refer to “sparkling water” as “sparkly water”

Things fings thirst, surely?

In future please post a content warning as well as a spoiler as I am quite upset that I clicked on that

Sorry Juke

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It’s fine don’t worry about it

Very magnanimous of you. You’ve been a big help in this thread so far.

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