Thirstday Evening

Evening! How many drinks have you had today?

I’ve had -

1 cup of tea
1 cup of coffee
A hoegaarden glass full of orange squash.

I’m pretty thirsty. Think I might have more squash.

Any other news?

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1 glass of squash
1 espresso
2 mugs of coffee
1.5 sports bottles of water
1 500ml bottle of water

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Squash next then maybe a coke at the cinema

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Ooo, what you seeing at the cinema?

Han solo wars

Mainly going for the coke

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Aaah, it doesn’t excite me at all that film. I will probably go and see it though.

2 x black coffee
4 x water cooler cups of water
1 x moretti

Our garden has raspberries growing in it? Washed a couple of the ripe ones and they are nice and tart.


You don’t seem too sure about this.

I just don’t really get why they’re there or who put them there. They aren’t in a punnet or anything just fyi :grinning:

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Hey witches et al

I have had…

  • 1 x cuppa tea
  • 1 x flat white
  • 1 x half pint of Duval
  • 1 x can of Stewart Brewing First World Problems

Decent day, some good sleep. Registered the baby, so she is an actual person now.

Gonna have a few beers and seabass with cous cous and roasted veg

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3 x cups of coffee
4 x pints of water

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3 x re-fills of my 750ml bottle of water
1 x pint of Williams bros New beginnings.
1 x can of irn bru

Pretty thirsty. Probably have some fruit juice now.


I think I’ve massively overshared in the filth thread today :confused:

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Haha, good to know! I would presume the previous owner, or maybe even the owner before them! OR THE OWNER BEFORE!!! Or… maybe a bird crapped and it had previously eaten some raspberries?

Do you ever think about the people that used to live in your house? Or who first ever ever lived in your house? I often think about our flat and how it would have looked when it was first built. My parents house is over 200 years old! When they moved in plants were growing through the floors and there was gas lighting.

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Two cups of black coffee, and loads of water. Got a bottle of red breathing in the kitchen ready for when the kids go to bed - although I might give it a miss and just go to bed myself, as I feel crap.

I think a lot of people did.

I’d like some wine. Bring me wine!

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We all did jezza

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I can’t wait to meet ben and the wine!