Thirstday Evening

Going to my parents for dinner as its my birthday tomorrow and they want me to pick something up.

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What do you think it’ll be!? :star_struck:

i’ve had approx 1.75l of water

i’ve got a new job and today i was with a colleague doing visits to our company’s stores, mostly without the stores’ knowledge. we also visited some competitors. it felt really weird to be walking round a competitor’s store inspecting stuff, was worried we’d get spotted and thrown out :flushed:


good evening witchz
good evening thewArn
good evening Jeremys_Iron
good evening rich t
good enough rib dot orch
good evening unlucky
good evening weezer
good evening xylophones
good evening leafy
good evening bamn and
good evening ynot
good evening froglet
good evening


I always tell them not to buy me a present as I’m an adult and they aren’t very well off. But they always do. I’ve no idea.

My sister and the kids are also popping round.

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Deliveroo rider just accused me of giving of the wrong address. NO MATE GOOGLE MAPS ISN’T ALWAYS RIGHT YOU NEED TO LOOK AT THE STREET NUMBERS AND USE YOUR Bnvm please give me my food.


Evening witches, cow cow

Had some halloumi, houmous, chilli sauce and cucumber wraps for tea. Incredible!

Couple of glasses of water for me. Trying to get rid of my remaining spirits so tonight it could be Malibu, chambord or amaretto.


May I suggest the amaretto. Mainly because I’d like one :smiley:

A cocktail of all three.

Evening folks. TV is away so I’m going to stay up too late playing vidya


Well I do like minging cocktails so it’s a possibility.

Witches, got a can of disoronno sour with your name on it.

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I’d like an earl grey now but I’ve only just cooled down…

Iced earl grey tea?

Cheers DiS


Eek, yum :blush:

Got no ice but I can do you a double amaretto on strawberry calippo as an alternative?


I don’t think I have the necessary icing tools i.e. ice. My front room is quiet cool so should be ok.

I am cold! Got a wool cardigan on.

What series should I binge on this weekend whilst I have the flat to myself for the first time in ages

  • New(ish) Twin Peaks
  • New(ish) Bojack Horseman
  • New Arrested Development

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