Thirstday thread

Morning all! What’re you on with today? I’m seeing a screening of Limmy’s Vines tonight as a part of London Short Film Festival with a Q&A afterwards hosted by Armando Iannucci. Too much Scoth on one stage if anything.

What drinks will you be drinking as part of Thirstday? Coffee for me, then maybe a nice Sanny P at lunch and a few pints at the Picturehouse later.

not a nice dram of Scoth?!


YES! Perfect night to open my Christmassy bottle of Auchentoshan.

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Maybe he got paid half way into December like the best of us and is struggling for some cash.

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not as cold as i was expecting it to be this morn.
Lots of coffee throughout the course of the day, and lots of fizzy water.
Not really in the mood today

Hello hello, how’s it going?

Suppose to be having a review / appraisal with my boss today. Not sure how that’s going to go.

Drinks: coffee (x1), tea (x4), water (x5), beer/wine (optional)

Happy Birthday @_Em - have a lovely day! :smile:

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Morning Jeremys_Iron and everyone!

I am WELL jealous of your evening. I love Limmy’s Vines and Armando Iannucci. Gah. Fuming :slight_smile: I need to get some comedy booked for this coming year, Richard Herring is coming soooooon!!

I started the day with a smoothie that looked and tasted better than the grey sludge I drank yesterday! Huzzah! I’ll probably have it for lunch too. Various cups of tea and water throughout the day, I’m thinking I shouldn’t drink again tonight… but then it is @_Em ’s birthday :wink: Got to celebrate!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM!!! :slight_smile: Hope the weather behaves itself today.


Morning all!

Woke up well early. Been messaging a lady on OKC to pass the time. I think my sleeping pattern has finally reset.

Have to apply for a job. Closing time for applications is at half-two. Time to get my arse in gear.

Happy Birthday to @_Em ! Top, top DiSer!


Today is my Friday.

Going to be a mad weekend. I’m going to drink all the alcohol, smoke all the cigarettes, take all the drugs, eat all the burgers and pizzas and sleep with all yo mums**

**I’m actually going to do nothing.

Happy birthday _Em


oh and happy b’day @_Em hope you have a lovely day :slight_smile:

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Totally forgot about the daily smoothie! Guessing it’s getting marked down as food for me…

coffee + frasier, obviously. probably waste the rest of the day arguing with my lettings agents again. might get a haircut and a beard trim later.

Happy birthday @_Em !!

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Coffee at the moment (had a tea at home before setting off). Probably tea for the rest of the day, probably some water, got some nice beers in the fridge at home but dunno if I’ll fancy one later. We’ll see.

Might be giving notice on our flat today, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

also: hb @_Em :heart:

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Still working on my sleeping pattern here! Going to bed and getting up later and later…

Good luck with the application!

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Can I just say…
@_Em is pretty much the fucking best!
Have a happy happy birthday!



Work today; doctor’s appointment later (which I hope should all be okay) and then I’m helping someone deliver a sofa tonight. Need rope for the back of my Zafira, and some old blankets in case it’s snowing.

Oh and happy birthday @_Em ! I just looked up the weather :frowning: but I hope there are other nice things in store for you :cake: :balloon: :fireworks: :slight_smile:

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hb @_Em

looked like it would be snowmageddon this morning but it’s already starting to disappear
ina :coffee:

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Happy birthday @_Em! I got my colouring book yesterday, looks even better than I was expecting.

Still waiting for baby to arrive here. Getting a little fraught but potentially another couple of weeks to go. FUN. Still, it will be even more fraught when we have a newborn too.

Before Christmas I set myself a weight limit and said I wouldn’t beat myself up as long as I stayed under it, and it seemed very achievable, it was the weight I’d been for a while. Checked yesterday and I’m nearly half a stone over. IDIOT DICKHEAD. Don’t even know what I’ve done, I don’t feel like I’ve pigged out recently, and I’ve restarted running in the past month. Fucking shit blob person.

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@_Em a very happy birthday!!! :birthday:

bit concerned it’s going to snow loads and i’ll get stuck at work :open_mouth:

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I’m super tired today. Went round to a friend’s house for dinner last night which was really great but got back late and woke up early.

I am going to drink coffee and water today - probably no pints. Gonna have a quiet one tonight I think.

Also happy bd to the excellent @_Em

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