Thirstday thread



Yeah massively this. @hip_young_gunslinger give it another couple of weeks and then weigh yourself again, I’m sure you’ll see an improvement. Maybe you should’ve listened to me the other day and walked home to unlock the door for your wife, the exercise would’ve done you good.


Happy birthday @_Em !

Made a huge chilli last night and took real satisfaction from separating it out into portions for the freezer. These are the thrills of being 30+. Little bit worried that there’s a cold spell coming/here and our boiler is acting up. More job hunting for me today :confused:


this morning - German self tuition
this afternoon - Derrida


I’m exactly as ancient and haggard as you now.


Jeez, what does that say about me!


Sadly there’s a big storm on, so my Brighton plans are cancelled, and I’m just going to have some lunch locally. I saw there was a really depressing Polish film on at the local cinema, seems ideal for birthday viewing:


You’re rejuvenated by the love of an alpaca.


Morning all.

Had a rotten day yesterday so decided to go for a half after work. Half turned into several pints and a delicious old fashioned and now…I’m hungover. Whoops?

Happy birthday @_em ! May your day be full of wonder.


You’ve only got me for another week or so- then I go back to work (and to hang out with a big glaswegian and drink all of his beer).


Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Also please don’t forget that it’s also the birthday of Haruki Murakami and Sporty Spice.


I was in bed by 00:30 last night and with only two beers in me. Making those numbers smaller each night is helping. No beer and bed before midnight tonight.

Hope you’re able to get a handle on your sleeping pattern! You’ll get there!


Wow, @Kallgeese in bed before midnight, @Lo-Pan gyming and cutting down the beer…who said this world couldn’t get any more crazy!


She was always my favourite spice girl


i’m about to watch spaceballs…


Morning DiS
HB @Em x
In Harrogate today; lovely place, bit nippy.
Got a mention on 6Music this Morning just after 7.30. After 5 years, Keaveny finally got my username: not the first, won’t be the last.


holy moly, what a day!


watched it not long before christmas as i hadn’t seen it in years, not as good as i remembered but still some fucking funny shit from time to time


Just have to write a novel and perfect my backflip.


ultimately out of the two, who do you think has been more successful


It is hard to directly compare world-class excellence in two such different fields. I need more statistics I feel.