Thirstday thread



If I get the dog really drunk will she learn what hangovers are and recognise when i have one so she’ll leave me alone?


pretty sure cesar millan advises this


I still remember the look on your face when I claimed that I was going for an early morning run at ATP. (Spoiler: I didn’t- instead I bought a can of red bull and went for a smoke on the beach). I mostly said it to see that expression. I know you cherish your hangovers.


Just sticking to weekend drinking definitely helps! I was just listening to quiet music with my eyes closed as reading hadn’t worked the few nights previous.


Aw nooo!

Looks up at the sky, shakes fist and screams “Curse you Mother Nature!!! WHHYYYY!!!”

I’m all for watching depressing and especially on your birthday, there’s something hilarious about it. My bf and I used to have a long distance relationship, I decided after not seeing him for a month that the first thing we should do was go and see “Anti Christ” at the cinema :confounded: that was a quiet walk home afterwards… haha!! whoops.

Anyway, this film looks excellent, I was totally engrossed in the trailer. Let me know what you think! :slight_smile: I suggest counterbalancing the depression by bringing a whole cake into the cinema and eating it with just your bear bands. That’s right… BEAR hands…



I’ll buy some of those bear foot novelty slippers and wear them on my hands?


Excellent idea


You’re going to live with @Lo-Pan? (Sorry Lopes, don’t know if you’re big or not!)


Are you going to play Guess Who with all the Known Glaswegians?


We should have a poll


I am in no way legally bound to change my travel plans based on the result of said poll.


Could keep me entertained while I procrastinate I suppose!


Happy Birthtime to @_Em!

Feeling really positive still, got loads of work done yesterday. Currently listening to Devil Music by The Men - what an album!


I really need to do some work but I can’t stop watching amazing drum solos on YouTube.


dunno if you’re a DEP fan but i fuggin love this video



Praise be for bringing colouring books, cass mccombs and Codeine (band) into the stack residence.

Gonna be mega-productive at work and then fix my turntable tonight. Half day tomorrow as I’m off to brum for the eve to see some chums and do all the drinking, weather permitting.


happy birthday @_Em, hope you’re having an awesome day :birthday:


Ben Koller from Converge wears a go pro cam on his chest during gigs and uploads drum videos to his personal youtube account. It is the best.


NICE. I lost my shit at this. One-handed!