Thirstday thread



I’ve seen those, they are amazing. Weird perspective from his chest as well


I am going to Reykjavik tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s not going to snow here and ruin my plans.
Weather looks shit there tho.

Tonight my bf is taking me to Dishoom. I will be having some cocktails. Prior to that I’ll have about 3 cups of earl grey tea and then some coffee


The gas canister ran out on our soda stream so i’ve been missing the fizzy water


First you’ve got to sneak pictures of all of them for your board:


I was 2 weeks overdue and my mum drank 2 cans of pepsi super quickly and then went into labor


@hip_young_gunslinger I was also two weeks late, and had to be forcibly removed from the womb via caesarian. Being born mid-January in the middle of snow, I was probably just being sensible staying in there.


totes wel jel for iceland


I was a few days late out and was extracted with a forceps. Mam said I looked like I had a conehead for weeks.


I will put that on the list along with spicy food, long walks, and shagging.


Maybe don’t do them all at the same time.


Aside from the obvous stuff like the Blue Lagoon, I recommend this place:

They’re the record label of Björk, Sigur Rós etc in Iceland, and as well as being a very good record shop, they have little exhibitions about Icelandic music. When I went, they had loads of Björk’s costumes on display (probably not at the moment though- I think they’re still on show in New York)


also raspberry leaf tea. I mean the other three are probably more fun…


They showed up lots of pics of babies born with forceps at NCT - it really has an impact! (Though mostly goes back to normal). If it helps, when the baby’s head is coming out, it gets misshapen totally naturally anyway.


She’s been on two cups a day for the last six weeks.


Kebab and a blowie on Hampstead Heath.


My friend was late recently and laughing hysterically at my friend walking into a lamp post made her go into labour. Get on the slapstick.


I think we might bin our soda stream when we move. If we have any (full) canisters left, do you want them?


Oh yeah, studied some anatomy in college and learned about skulls fusing and whatnot. I think my skull is a normal shape now. Is the forceps still used a lot?


I’m definitely going to save that till last.


Not a lot, only if there are difficulties, but it’s still a standard go-to when the need arises. They also use something called a ventouse, basically a vacuum suction cup to do the same thing, which leaves a nice big mark on the baby’s head.