Thirstday thread



Ancient Mayans used to wrap their babies heads up to give them a long head. Conspiracy theorists love the skulls.

Sadly the Mayans who are around now don’t do this any more.


Just Googled ventouse there. A strange piece of kit! If it works and does no harm though!


Yep, I’ve read about those before. Should have gotten my Mam to take a crack at binding my skull.


You missed out on this look. Imagine all that extra brain power!


Yes pls! And any spare bottles if you have them too?


we definitely have two bottles. i’ll let you know about the rest :slight_smile:


Have you tried fizzing up some wine? :champagne:


hi guys.
in so much pain but i need to go to the post office and do some errands :pensive:

there’s an item on victoria derbyshire on whether or not people should be warned that nutella causes cancer


We haven’t been too experimental with it cause I think its supposed to mess it up?

We have a little compartment in our fridge that you put water in and it comes out the door in a tap. We’re gonna put wine in there in the summer!


Ah, the waiting is a bit rubbish… first children are often late. TBH, if you were warm, surrounded with amniotic fluid and with a lovely supply of nutrients being fed to you, you probably wouldn’t want to move either!

Our first was 13 days late. We tried everything to get things moving, and nothing worked. But in the grand scheme of things it didn’t matter. Our second was 13 days late too and we were perfectly chilled about it :slight_smile:


You could just put the bottle in the fridge. Then you wouldn’t run the risk of messing up the water dispenser.


Aah, that’s a shame. I saw Heston do it with Blue Nun years ago then he went out to the public and tested it against expensive champagne, most preferred Blue Nun. Ever since then I’ve kind of wanted a Soda Stream.


god you can tell you’re a dad
Wheres the fun in that?


Well who is going to clean that mess up @Meowington? Muggins here that’s who!


I actually used this turn of phrase yesterday when discussing bills with my housemates. I am a Dad before my time.


She’s treating her house like a hotel!


Dad’s Taxi Service!


I’d imagine she was born in a barn.


Managed to re do all the work I lost yesterday, now I can start on today’s work. meeting someone of the Internet from a musicians wanted ad I placed after work, kind of regret it, consumed with dread, imagine it will be like a really awkward blind date. I should never try to do anything.


That’s how I ended up playing with the band I was in for years. Still best mates with two of them and we go on holiday together every year. Best thing I ever did. Go for it @ttf!