Thirstday thread



Rewatching dr who instead of revising, mostly s6 of the revival. There's just so much bloody music jizzed over everything!


[quote=“Kallgeese, post:9, topic:10586, full:true”]Have to apply for a job. Closing time for applications is at half-two. Time to get my arse in gear.

Job applied for! And I got emails back from another two things I applied for! GO TEAM!


I'm sure you'll make a luvurly couple, lorra lorra blinda data.


Life has reached its zenith/nadir with this lunch


Playing bloc for free tonight glasgaeers!


Back from Chile. It's zero degrees and raining here. But on the plus side: no more fucking mosquito bites! (I'm allergic and get ALL of the bites)

Also I got a new tattoo while I was there. Might start a rolling tattoo thread idk


is it a tattoo of a mosquito bite






got a story for you guys. went to the library for the first time in yonks to do some printing, but don't ever remember setting up a pin so had to ask the guy. he's like, you would have set it up yourself at some point so try to remember? tried all the four number combinations i could think of that i might have chosen but couldn't do it. so asked the guy again and he told me i'd set it up as:




should have asked me shouldn't you, really.


Was hoping it would be 4291.


oh man, i've actually written down a reminder to myself 'library pin = victor meldrew'

i've had a nightmare here


This wasn't at the library in Dalston was it cos I've had similar pin issues when I joined there.


the one on church st. you mean you used a meme as a pin and then misremembered it?


I made it ridiculously complicated for absolutely no reason. Think it was not long after I'd watched Citizenfour. I used the american date system.


This intern? Which intern?

Oh.... this in turn


saw someone on a corbyn facebook post the other use 'shut' instead of 'should'. we need to reboot the where bounce u livin hun thread


just noticed that a kate bush record i own is selling for £200+. not really my favourite of hers and has rolf harris featuring on it. should sell it shouldn't i...