Thirsty? No! I said Thursday



Volleyball last night, I’m slowly improving. At drinks after there was a spider and I picked it up pretending to be Steve fucking Irwin or something. Inside I hoped it wouldn’t bite me, but I’d committed to the “appearing casual” hole I’d dug.

Stand up set in Rotterdam tonight, gonna be a late night training back from there.



Cba but so much to do

Gone back to dreading my work trip next week

Didn’t sleep that well. Haven’t eaten my breakfast yet.



How big was the spider ma0sm?


Morning all! Hoping for a boring enough day in work, then hoping for a nice evening of sitting in and reading. I might go through my archives to see what I have to dispose of and what to keep also.

Oh, I need to quit my freelance job today as well. No more wandering the city putting up posters!


Really struggling today. Was out at the pub quiz last night (only 7th. Poor show), then Jimbo woke up at ten to five. We brought him into our bed, but there’s only so many requests for Fireman Sam you can take before you give in.

I need more coffee.


I’ve got a cold sore, wish wearing masks like they do in east Asia was acceptable here :mask: i might just buy one and wear it anyway. Would you look twice if you saw someone wearing one?

  • Yeah maybe
  • Nah

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does whatever a spider ca0n


I would, but I’d just presume they knew something I don’t and think about buying one myself.


Occasionally see people wearing them in Cork and the air pollution levels here are very low. No-one bats an eyelid at them wearing masks.


50p coin sized.


would watch this film

shit just seen @cutthelights post


Pffffft. Look at this beast I found last year.


Nice! That is a big boy


which o


Massive case of the CBA’s here.

Because Kent is tory land/stuck in the 19th century, my eldest daughter has her 11+ test today. It doesn’t seem right making a person that young sit a proper exam. I’m nervous for her (although I’ve already decided that, irrespective of what happens, I do not want her going to grammar school). On the plus side, I have promised her a takeaway of her choice later. Bring it on.


Your posts are eventually going to look like this seeing as they’re getting shorter every time!


I just saw off a cold sore last week, damn irritating things.
Hadn’t thought about the mask thing, not sure I’d get away with that in Glasgow. :grinning:


Why did I click that WHY DID I CLICK THAT


At palma airport, man it’s such a shit airport.