Thirsty? No! I said Thursday

I have…

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No, not quite. I know, it makes not much sense.

:musical_note: Wiiiiitches

You don’t have to turn on your red light :musical_note:


alright david byrne

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I’ve been considering popping into this thread as well. :thinking:
Doubt I will though, musk is an absolute walloper.

Finished result and massive coffee


Why do I pull the same hurr durr face in all my selfies?

Are lampshades the new plant pots?

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Can’t believe you get that perfect an eyeliner on a train. I can be half hour and still awful…

Was it habitat?? We got one and had to get rid as it made our front room look like a brothel. CWBAFT ETC.

p happy about this guys, cinema opening up walking distance from our flat next year :slight_smile:

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Lovely new hair! I want a shorter 'do but I’m scared. My mum is always like “you’ll regret it!!” I’m not sure my face is the right shape for it :thinking:

Haha!! Yes. They definitely are. Because we still rent I can’t really buy furniture so lamps are the only thing I can buy that is “useful” :laughing:

Fuck sakes it’s cold in this country

Very satisfying

Thank you DiS

Your hair looks lovely! :heart_eyes:

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I’m waiting to pick the TV up from the station and there’s some sort of local news thing going on.

@xylo reporting on nike burnings in…Strood?

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bloke sitting on the pavement is having a really shit day

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I did not realise you’re in Kent too! How does your daughter think it went? My son decided not to take it (I let him decide as he would’ve been borderline I think) and he did well in secondary school, whereas he may have struggled in a grammar. It’s a tricky decision as a parent though. I went to a grammar and it afforded my opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise, but morally I object to them.