Thirsty? No! I said Thursday

Got shouted at this morning on the tram “fucking prick!” “absolute nobhead!” because some guy spilt his coffee as I walked passed him.

was weird then literally stood a metre away from him for the journey.

was actually proper up for a fight.

Have you heard that they’re doing a children’s book series where the Space Marines are the cuddly heroes?

no but that’s a bit gross

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#not my 40k


only ever see tourists wearing them so mainly look twice because theyre inevitably going to get distracted by something and step in front of me

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Off to Scotland tonight, so I get to spend my Thursday evening at Stansted :raised_hands:


oof thats the worst. do you need owt picking up or is bf sorting you out?

He’s off work so he’s looking after me :slight_smile: thanks though, that’s really sweet of you to offer xx

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gws bbz <3

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The classroom I was meant to be teaching in was double booked.

Old Keith would have gone out of his way to find an alternative space but that kind of bullshit is so above New Keith’s pay grade (although exactly the pay grade of the job they didn’t interview him for last month) that he sent the class home as soon as he’d confirmed he was in the wrong place.

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should i read 1000 posts of elon musk thread?

  • no
  • yes?

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It’s one hell of a thread, japes. One hell of a thread.

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Tell you what friends, I really wish my eye would stop twitching. Been doing it for nearly two weeks.

I’m aware I need sleep.

My kickstarter has reached £200!


Ooooo that’s amazing!!

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I’m staggeringly bored, and probably done all my work for the day. Are there any good websites for wasting time that aren’t this one?

fires up cookie clicker

I’m at work, and this evening, tomorrow evening and Saturday I’m banding. I’ll be on it as soon as I can!

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