Thirsty Thursday

Because it’s sunny, see

Anyway, sports day at school. Got my shorts on, ready to make those kids run! Jump! Throw!

How about the lovely Sportsters here??

  • Shorts
  • No shorts
  • Skirt no tights

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Morning Slicky and the rest of DiS :wave:

It’s sunny here but a bit on the cool side - there’s a northerly wind coming off the Norfolk coast at the moment, which is keeping temperatures down. 25C on Saturday and 26C on Sunday though - will be getting the shorts out for sure!

Not an awful lot else to report. Slept really well (in fact, was falling asleep reading last night so went to bed earlier) so I feel a bit more able to cope with the day. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Can’t bear to have my legs covered these days, which is great when you’re pregnant and are trying to resist buying maternity clothes. I have a couple of dresses and my one pair of maternity shorts on constant rotation at the moment.

Morning. Just eating my muesli. Might go and buy an ice cream sandwich at lunch.

It’s gonna get to 32 degrees here. Oof. Today will be swim time.

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Big monki shirt dresses!

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Omg no don’t tell me this

I am going to do my best to enjoy the nice weather while we have it, might get on the train tomorrow for the Hampstead heath ponds, haven’t been in years.

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I should probaly get up and either start work so i can finish early or enjoy a bit of weather now.

Feel absolutely tip top after my second jag. Gutted, I was really hoping for a wholly justified sick day.

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Read this as ‘bitcoin’. Have never seen that word before. Using it all the time now. Bicorne.

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It’s French for “two cornes”

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I mean you could ‘lie’

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


I feel like I should definitely be asleep.
But woke up at 0430 instead because my brain is a real fucking dickhead sometimes

Was hoping to watch Nashville at the BFI today but can’t seem to buy a ticket

I’m seriously thinking about it

My old man’s a bicorne
He wears a bicorne hat


Off for more beer-based fun, then Chinese at my parents’ house later cause some relatives are visiting. Too hot already.

Surely a bicorne is a unicorn with two horns. Is a rhino a bicorne

Will you look at that…

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