This afternoon you are going to have to fight one of Blue

  • Anthony
  • Duncan
  • Lee
  • Simon

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I always knew this day would come


it’s about thyme someone took lee down a peg or two

Watching their videos over and over searching for weaknesses is going to pay off.


What time is this happening?

It’s going to be ‘kato-style’ so be ready.

Without researching it or knowing who they are, I’m going to go with Duncan. Sounds the least threatening.

(Not Duncan Ferguson, is it?)

He’s probably the most cowery. Solid choice.

Simon just watching


I’m always ready, but I want to make sure I’m around for it. Got some meetings and shit this afternoon.

If i have to fight another after Lee I’m choosing Duncan. Some people have picked Anthony, and they’re going to get ripped to pieces.


Anthony will find you, don’t worry about that.

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I feel that he carries some inner-indignance that super powers him.

I’ve got a meeting until 3 btw

Ah ok, good. I’m going to drop him. Easy. And if my friends from the Brand or Finance teams have to see me do it, all the better.

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we getting tooled up?

Finally you’ll have the respect you deserve.

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Anyone fighting him has the support of all New Yorkers though

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I’m starting with Antony and will take the remaining three as pudding.

Duncan, he won’t do anything drastic lest anything happen to his lovely face.

Can’t believe people would fight Lee out of choice, man’s certifiable. Reckon he would fight really dirty.

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