This ain’t gonna do shit


£5 fish, ve ve nice



Assume the idea isn’t necessarily to lower the number of tourists, but to raise the funds to deal with them because cruise tourists (generally) don’t spend money on their day trips and cost a fortune to clean up after. Seems sensible imo



Plus I think that a secondary effect might be to raise awareness and consideration in tourists that their visits are not necessarily benign or without consequence.


I suppose it’s like yer 10p bag charge. That sorta worked.

Been to Venice wouldn’t pay €5 to go again.

it’ll be €20 within 3 years

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Aren’t Dubrovnik also considering something similar to this?

I kind of get where they’re coming from but yeah as mentioned before, I think kind of what’s needed is a more a explicit outlining of what the effects of tourism actually are? I doubt day trippers who are probably already paying £££ will be put off by an extra 5er.

Charge cruise ships more to park up



They’ll just find some street parking down the road

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Apparently cruise ships are already banned but no one really enforces it

Dubrovnik was genuinely one of the most heaving places I’ve ever been (I was also there as a tourist so part of the problem)

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