This Ain't No Disco - A Talking Heads Listening Club - Little Creatures

First timers, obsessive fans, @TKC. Join me here as we chart the development, and, depending on your viewpoint, eventual downturn, of one of the best bands to ever do it. This will be a mixed media club with not one, not two, but three feature films thrown in the mix! There’ll be polls, there will be dance moves, and as ever, there will be mockery of Chris Frantz yelling over Genius of Love.

Running order, starting on Monday next week:

Talking Heads GIF by Coolidge Corner Theatre

Week 1 - Talking Heads: 77
Week 2 - More Songs About Buildings and Food
Week 3 - Fear of Music
Week 4 - Remain In Light + The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads DOUBLE BILL
Week 5 - Speaking In Tongues
Week 6 - Stop Making Sense
Week 7 - Little Creatures
Week 8 - True Stories
Week 9 - Naked
Week 10 - American Utopia
Bonus week - My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts and The Catherine Wheel DOUBLE BILL
Bonus week - Tom Tom Club and No Talking, Just Head DOUBLE BILL

As a warm up, their debut (pre-Jerry Harrison!) single, which is also one of their best songs to my mind:


Big, big week.

Potentially a bad, bad week.

It’ll all be great though!

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don’t know em as well as I should - im very in

Remain in Light was only one of 4 albums I wanted to listen to when I was a little child apparently

also Best Of James, some Scottish folk thing, and Phil Collins


Oh yes, I’m so in. Looking forward to reevaluating their post peak albums and just listening to lots of ruddy good music before that.

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here’s your additional reading

Genuinely looking forward to this. There’s some dross on it but a lot of songs that I really, really like.

Vote that we also make time for the soundtrack version too.

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This podcast actually got me in to them in the first place!

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You popping my stones?!

Absolutely no chance I’m clicking on that


I think you would enjoy it

What a fucking band

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Nobody will ever know

I listened to the album literally once and never felt any desire to return to it, but excited to listen to it for a landmark second time as part of this.


Oh you

Can we add My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts please?

In, obviously.


Neglected classic from that album:

Rejigged the bonus weeks:

My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts and The Catherine Wheel DOUBLE BILL
Tom Tom Club and No Talking, Just Head DOUBLE BILL

The film was massively important to me when I first saw it as a teen.

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Woah, never saw the video for this before. Interesting that Byrne is playing Tina’s Fender Swinger, the one she used on ‘This Must Be The Place’ in ‘Stop Making Sense’. I wonder was it a band guitar or he borrowed it because of the silhouette?

This post paid for by PROF$.

Much obliged, absolutely love it