This album is 45 years old today

A prism refracting white light into a rainbow on a black background

Listening again right has aged well.

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I have honestly never listened to it. I quite like Wish You Were Here, apart from the dreadful one about the cigar, but by and large, Floyd are a big unknown to me.

On the other hand, I am probably so familiar with it that I hardly need to listen to it again, it’s “in my DNA”, as it were.

DSOTM is one of those albums that really needs to be listened to from start to finish. To me it has quite a different feel from WYWH. It loses a lot by just hearing individual tracks, such as “Money”, which is probably the best known track but my least favourite.

I used to love it.

Grew out of it though.


I reckon it’s a pretty good album you know, nice cover as well.

I hope this sort of insight was worth the 45 year wait.


It’s no rap music


If you’re not keen on Money, check out this version instead


Gonna be a lot of indie points dished out in this thread. Points bonanza.


i do like this album a lot. but i’ve not heard it in years. dunno if i cba

I generally call it dark side of the poo

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Listened to it a couple of times ever - it’s fine but don’t really understand the fuss. Then again INDIE POINTS KLAXON I only really like Syd Barrett era Floyd.

Nice production though…

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Oh, and this obviously…

Bought it for my mum a couple of years ago. She put it on in the car and I secretly didn’t think it was any good. She’s a fan though.

My uncle bought this for me as a Christmas present when I was about 14. Tried a number of times to like it, but no dice. Find it pretty dull.

not even in the top 5 pink floyd records tbh

Division Bell number 1 yeah?


My dad’s not into Pink Floyd


Massively overrated old white man rock

That’s my :fire::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: