This beer is lovely

Really really nice on draught. Nice in bottles too.

oh ok.

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Basically a less good Sam Adams / Brooklyn Lager. But beloved in Pennsylvania because it’s local.


No THIS beer is lovely

It’s loads better than Sean Adams you daft sod

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This one is lovelier

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It absolutely isn’t, but if you enjoy the novelty of it, more power to you.

What fucking novelty? I drank a bottle of it in a bar


Good for you pal. I’m glad you found a drink you enjoyed.

I’m just saying, from a UK perspective (and in most of the States), Yeungling is not a very well known beer. In Pennsylvania it’s a local favourite. But that doesn’t automatically make it good.


Sam Adams Boston Lager 54/100 (88/100 for style)
Brooklyn Lager 83/100 (99/100 for style)
Yeungling Traditional Lager 21/100 (51/100 for style)

Hm, the beer never made its political preferences known to me

porters never actually taste of any of those things. i sort of wish they would stop saying they do - i really like porter but when they give me all these big expectations that it’s going to taste of chocolate and stuff and then it doesn’t it ends up being more disappointing than it should be.

You’re drinking the wrong porters / stouts. There are plenty that are made with coffee / chocolate / vanilla etc adjuncts, and they definitely taste of them.

This is going down very well right now

As is this.

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Yer some kid bird