This chap left 8 bananas at my house on saturday

assume he picked them up on the way to my bbq. anyway, I ate them. he text(ed) me earlier about playing football tonight and said

“bring the bananas I left”

I told him I’d eaten them and he said

“how the fuck did this happen?”

told him I don’t like this side to his personality. he was the chump taking food out the fridge at the end of the night, fyi

fucking madness! need to have a solid jazz chat with this guy. I can’t be doing with silly shit like this.

or is it me who’s the cunt?

not sure now

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You’ve eaten eight bananas in the last two days?


yeah man. that’s pretty standard really

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Some serious banana jazz chat required here.

This didnt happen, did it?


Seems like a lot, man. I dunno. I’m not a fan of bananas in the slightest so who am I to know this I guess.

bbq bananas man, where it’s at

just say that you’d have either billed him for the storage charges (which conveniently equate to the price of eight bananas) or eaten them instead.

or just tell him to stop being a fucking melt.

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I’m not in the business of lying champ. there may have been 7 bananas, or 9 even, but the story stands

Careful of those jazz kidneys Silks.

I eat bananas regularly, 8 is a lot.

I can’t imagine anyone really caring at all about that sort of thing, particularly if you’re actual friends.
It does sound like quite a task to eat so many in such short order there though yardbird

4 a day ain’t great shakes. 2 in a smoothie and a couple more at appropriate timezzzzzzzz

Why does this dogshit get like 13 replies?

I’m going back to the OLD boards.


hahahaha still being a bitter prick then Dave?


bit nasty


that’s what potassium can do