This Charming Naan

or if that resolution makes the image unreadable.

“Scran” :white_check_mark:
“Only in Manchester :joy::x:

If I was located near this restaurant I would:

  • Definitely want to eat here
  • Definitely not want to eat here
  • Might want to eat here/fencesitting option

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Suspect they might be using the puns to cover for the food being average and them doing curries and burgers/fries is a concern. Obviously most of the puns are pretty rubbish, although Sheila Tikka Bow and Pretty Girls Make Gravy both genuinely drew a smile from me.

Finally, fascinated to see why this topic is similar to:

Saw this place on Google Maps the other day while looking for something to eat but assumed it was a takeaway, might as well have went as we just went to Gorilla in the end. Quite like that Manchester has a good few venues with food options, none of that in Liv.

This Charming Scran


They used to do this at Retro Bar, a place I’m amazed is still open

Raita round the fountain

Pakora ugly picture

Basmati Healey from the 1975

Saag Aloo Reed

Death of a Disco Dhansak

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The Phaal

A Rush and a Push and the Naan is Ours

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Tbf Deaf food is usually quite good so its probably alright if they are having it

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First of the Gang to Daal

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Tikka Marrsala

‘Vindaloo In A Tutu’ is the worst pun I’ve ever seen.


Started typing a comment to the effect of ‘why on earth would you want an embarrassingly named overpriced Indian from a couple of white guys when you could probably get something miles better from the takeaway up the road’, but I guess I if you want to be 100% sure it’s vegan it sort of makes sense. But even then yuk at the name and meh at the menu.

It’s not even a ‘pun’ is it?

Poppadom preach!