This Charming Naan

or if that resolution makes the image unreadable.

“Scran” :white_check_mark:
“Only in Manchester :joy::x:

If I was located near this restaurant I would:

  • Definitely want to eat here
  • Definitely not want to eat here
  • Might want to eat here/fencesitting option
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Suspect they might be using the puns to cover for the food being average and them doing curries and burgers/fries is a concern. Obviously most of the puns are pretty rubbish, although Sheila Tikka Bow and Pretty Girls Make Gravy both genuinely drew a smile from me.

Finally, fascinated to see why this topic is similar to:

Saw this place on Google Maps the other day while looking for something to eat but assumed it was a takeaway, might as well have went as we just went to Gorilla in the end. Quite like that Manchester has a good few venues with food options, none of that in Liv.

This Charming Scran


They used to do this at Retro Bar, a place I’m amazed is still open

Raita round the fountain

Pakora ugly picture

Basmati Healey from the 1975

Saag Aloo Reed

Death of a Disco Dhansak

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The Phaal

A Rush and a Push and the Naan is Ours

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Tbf Deaf food is usually quite good so its probably alright if they are having it

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First of the Gang to Daal

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Tikka Marrsala

‘Vindaloo In A Tutu’ is the worst pun I’ve ever seen.


Poppadom preach!

Not at all! It’s like they just looked through the discography for any word starting with V.

Oh wait, Pakora On The Streets Of London is worse.