This Charming Naan

Not at all! It’s like they just looked through the discography for any word starting with V.

Oh wait, Pakora On The Streets Of London is worse.


“As I expanded the menu, I tried to keep it to just Smiths songs, but it’s too hard thinking of them all to fit, but most of them are named after songs from Manchester bands.”

Apparently these are ones that fit :zipper_mouth_face:


‘Buffalo Soldier’ is used three times, from that famous Manchester band, Bob Marley.


Christ, only just seen “It is not for the easily offended!”

Did think I was maybe being too harsh on them but on second thought…


‘Can you think of any for the broccoli?’

‘Erm…no. Just put Supergrass, they need this at the printers by 5’


I’m enjoying how half arsed the whole thing is. Just randomly bang a crap Joy Division pun in there too! Make up a weird side of broccoli & curry powder on a ‘bed’ of kale that doesn’t go with any of the mains and name it ‘Supergrass’ :laughing:

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Famous Manchester band Supergrass.

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Clint Bhuna

A friend has apparently been to this and said if was very good grub. It is very much at it though. Aren’t Deaf & Gorilla still owned by Tokyo Industries after Trof, or whatever they are called these days, tried shutting them 18 months ago?

They’ve made what should be a joyous naan kebab experience pretentious l, and tripled the price with the burgerism thing.

Curries are okayishly priced guess.

Curry Up and Wait