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I’m not sure there’s really a thread in this, but it’s made me so mad I wanted to share it. Some of the rules, pasted below are pure Saudi Arabia esq.


“In an effort to protect you from player advances and activity that can be deemed suspicious it is in your best interest that as long as you are a Saintsation you do not follow any players or coaches at all,” coach Ashely Deaton said in an email. She said cheerleaders could not like or comment on anything posted online about specific Saints players, though following team accounts was fine, according to the email.

“Any such activity will likely give them the impression that you are available to their advances,” she wrote.

‘If a Saints player is to walk into a bar or restaurant, cheerleaders are required to leave the establishment or risk losing their job, according to a copy of Davis’ complaint.’


‘Game day make-up and hair cuts must be approved by the team director.’


The thing that annoys me most is that they’re acknowledging that men are the problem but punishing the women


This is just the tip of the iceberg. They’re also paid less than minimum wage and made to abide by ludicrously invasive standards regarding cleanliness and stuff. God knows why anyone would want to do it.

My team was famously one of the few not to have cheerleaders… but they introduced them a couple of years ago :slightly_frowning_face:

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The whole concept of cheerleaders is so weird. I saw the Seahawks in Seattle last year. During one of the many breaks in play they showed a gold star family in the crowd, who got the sober round of applause you’d expect. While they were still onscreen the announcer boomed “AND NOW, PLEASE WELCOME… THE SEA GALS!” and the grieving family was replaced by some very close up shots of the cheerleaders dancing to Crazy Train.

Would rank the treatment of cheerleaders as one of the three most embarrassing things about the NFL, which says more about what an absolute shitshow that organisation is than the use of women as ornaments at sporting events.

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  1. Literally killing and maiming its participants
  2. Inherent elements of racism
  3. Cheerleaders

Honourable mention for robbing cities of billions of dollars of public money to pay for stadia. And the Washington Redskins thing. Oh, and their attitude to domestic violence…

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