This Country (TV show)

Anyone else seen this? I’ve watched the first two episodes on iPlayer, it’s pretty funny.

For anyone who’s seen the most recent episode :smiley:

I enjoy This Country. The episode from the second series with the vicar’s son was particularly good


The most recent episode was a big improvement on what has so far been a pretty naff second season IMHO. First season was great in places.

I think the while thing is a masterpiece. Was late to it but watched the whole lot over the last couple of weeks. Absolutely love it

final season starts tonight :+1:


The episode where he gets a girlfriend is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen but it’s brilliant


No spoilers please I won’t be watching till tomorrow morning!

Fuck that was really good.

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“If you’re reading this it means I’m 6 feet deep. No not with a chick this time, in the parish cemetery lol”

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Always avoided this cos it seemed incredibly lazy to just carbon copy Gareth Keenan into your own sitcom. Worth a watch then?

Yes, it is very good. I thought the same.

I was pretty anti mockumentary but this and People Just Do Nothing (which is a bit better) proved me wrong.

Only thing I don’t like is the vicar. Too actory.

It’s great and the character isn’t really like Gareth Keenan to be honest (well, aside from in looks)


keep seeing an advert for this on bus stops and it is painfully unfunny.

also her appearance on Off Menu made her sound like a complete fucking idiot.

there is no way this programme is good. sorry.

Best episode they’ve done.

More fool you, badmanreturns, more fool you!


I’m sorry for your loss.

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Could do a This Country tour, the dump, TK Maxx and Zombie escape room in Swindon.


Refreshments will be upside down crumpets.

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Absolutely no horse meat pies.

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