"This dish is dishwasher proof, microwave proof and oven proof"

Alright ya cheeky cunt! No-one likes a show off.


Prove it

Why it’s Grease Lightning


see how it likes having a dishwasher dropped on it from a height


Stick that tough guy in the washing machine and let’s see what it’s got.


Hey they’re trying their best!

Imagine if they started bragging about sink proof dishes one day.


Sorry I appreciate this is a Jordan thread, but my observation isn’t reserving of a thread of its own and this one is vaguely aligned.

See when you are microwaving something and it says ‘place on a microwaveable plate’ - isn’t the rotating glass disc a fucking microwaveable plate or do you need another plate on top of that? I’ve been using other plates but have have lost three plates recently for thinking that they were microwaveable and they weren’t (some kind of clay earthenware thing). I am ticked off.


But is it bullet proof? I think not

I think it’s the rotating plate, yes. I only came to this realisation recently though.

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Can’t stand dry clean only dishes

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Think it means you place another plate on top pal. Don’t think there’d be any harm in just using the rotating one though. Just more messy innit.

you can remove it and clean it though (I even think it’s dishwashser proof so you can just bung it in there.)

Still ticked off.

Aye, but they’re usually smaller than most plates. Mine at home is anyway.

I’m not talking about just slopping the contents of a bin of beans on it, sorry I should have made that clear. Just, if you’re microwaving something like this where it’s in a packet but just needs to sit on the rotator-


that link was wack.

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Yeah I’d just bang that on. Infact I did rather recently, albeit with a sainos mac n cheese.

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Prefer my macaroni cheese with Androidalogue cheese



Kettle. Probably wouldn’t fit. Dishy twat.

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not ‘me dropping it proof’ though, is it?1!! hahahaha
When you drop a piece of crockery on a hard floor and it doesn’t smash

  • oh, what a stroke of luck!
  • what is this witchcraft!
  • lose all faith in its structural reliability and fear hot liquid on your groin forever more

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