"This dish is dishwasher proof, microwave proof and oven proof"

Only just realised that “crock” of shit comes from “crockery”.

you reckon they’d give you a refund?

yeah not sure why my search for macintosh mac n cheese came up with Tesco’s own!

This has made me laugh


Everyone loves a bin of beans!


Absolutely done in over here imagining slopping a bin of beans in the microwave


just place your contents directly on the glass plate and eat off it.

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Having to put the microwave on its back and filling it to the brim :DDDDD


Fucking Hell, this thread is a classic.

This did me for some reason.


A friend of my sister in law managed to put her cat through a full fucking washing cycle and it survived. How we have no idea. The picture of it was utterly amazing. It was like a wet grumpy cat.

You’d be wet and grumpy if someone did that to you tbf

You wouldn’t toast a plate

Jesus Theo! :frowning:

It’s fine, the cat is washing machine proof

That’s awful :weary::weary::weary::weary:

I was just thinking, how does a dish provide proof of any of these appliances?