This doesn’t look good

DDoS again?

Blink 182
Trading 212
Roland TB-303

Error 404

Execute Order 66
Can’t lol we been ddos’d


What does ddos mean

people in England often say “fair dos” so maybe it’s like that


Distributed denial of service, done intentionally in a Denial-of-service attack.

Basically someone flooding them with requests, which even if they’re rejected, still take time to process. They’re basically trying to push them to their limits till their network infrastructure can’t handle the volume anymore.

Imagine the driveway to your house. You can usually drive in and out of it fine when there’s no traffic. However, if there’s a few hundred cars of traffic on your street, it’s going to be hard and time consuming to get out of your driveway. DDOS is when some mean person sends those 100 cars of traffic to drive in front of your house for the sole purpose of not letting you out.