This Emily Bronte stuff, then


RIP to a great writer


Don’t know who he is, pal (but I do know who Lily Cole is and she’s great)


who as what for what where


They weren’t prolific enough for me, mate.


literally nobody except that bloke cares


Gotten really angry about this in the last five minutes. Going to send a negative tweet to him


Nobody cares that he cares


He basically thinks she must be thick as shit because she wears clothes for a living.

She got a double first at Cambridge.


Think its quite offensive that he has resigned purely that she was a model without seemingly knowing what she has actually done


especially since he works as something that doesn’t exist, in a building that doesn’t exist, in a place that doesn’t exist
about some writers that really only just exist


Absolutely. If I worked for the Bronte thing I would be really happy to be shot of him tbh


standard Nick “absolute melt” Holland antics there

(probably, I’ve never heard of him before)


Walked from Hebden Bridge to the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth last month. Lovely little place.

This guy sounds like a complete prick.


He seems to be having a tantrum. I know men get upset about the use of the term ‘manbaby’ sometimes but honestly…


Pass and move it’s the Emily Bronte groove


Still fucking get riled about this prick


If u want Holland then u should pay the full retail price like the rest of us DICK ED


Do you reckon the shithead got her confused for Cheryl Cole?

Anyway, thanks for bringing this to my attention



Fucking atrocious comma use in that review there. I thought he was a high-minded man of literature.