This evening I'm going to start listening to Free Peace Sweet by Dodgy

How far through the album will I get before I stop listening?

  • 1-“Intro” – 0:47
  • 2-“In a Room” – 4:15
  • 3-“Trust in Time” – 2:41
  • 4-“You’ve Gotta Look Up” – 5:29
  • 5-“If You’re Thinking of Me” – 5:53
  • 6-“Good Enough” – 4:01
  • 7- “Ain’t No Longer Asking” – 6:04
  • 8-“Found You” – 4:54
  • 9-“One of Those Rivers” – 7:43
  • 10-*Prey for Drinking" – 3:07
  • 11-“Jack the Lad” – 3:40
  • 12-“Long Life” – 4:47
  • 13-“U.K.R.I.P.” – 5:08
  • 14- “Homegrown” – 5:52
  • CCB will finish the whole album

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I don’t think I’ve listened to this for over 25 years. Just to let you know that the listening “party” will start at around 7.20pm

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Might stick this on myself, if I don’t decide to investigate The Connells instead. Loved that 74 75 jam.


Oooh, little bit facts for your evening, my cassette copy of FPS came with 3 copies of the inlay card. #thatsincredible


Dodgy were just about the only Britpop band my dad enjoyed. He was particularly fond of the drumming of frequent Never Mind The Buzzcocks contestant, Matthew Priest, which he likened to Keith Moon. I made a copy of the album for him and after listening to it, he made a clunky joke about dodgy homegrown.


Homegrown was maybe the second or third album I bought, if you exclude “Shine - 20 brilliant indie hits”. I AM THE GRASSMAAAAAAN now that’s an album I reckon I could listen to the when way through.

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Feel like @plasticniki would have opinions on this


I detest dodgy. Would not even make it through intro I think. Good enough would make me cut my own ears off.
Im enjoying these threads btw

I’m gonna listen with you. Got it queued up. Let me know when

Need a shower first, then it’s on

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Coach flyers of the 90s with memories of flying coach in the 90s might remember the hour long, looping, loosely genre based playlists they provided as in-flight entertainment. In Many 1997, on one long haul flight from LHR to LAX I listened to Found You once an hour for 10 hours. Other artists 9n the playlist included Skunk Anansie and Shola Ama.

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Dodgy don’t routinely carry pens about their person. Keep this in mind if ever you want to get your Free Peace Sweet singles box sets signed.

Dodgy were famed for their use of slide guitar, which was people used to do before they could slide into DMs

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I really, really loved them when I was younger. So much so that although this has changed, old times sake will probably have me going to the gig for this.

Still think you can fashion a cracking best of from their albums and their early B sides. Terrible, terrible name for a band and they made some awful videos. But I find myself remembering how much of a fan I was.

Okay right, I’m ready

It’s on @eems

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The drummer really knew how to do a fill, didn’t he


According to stats illegally leaked from a Deezer hack, Dodgy are one of the most highly regarded bands whose name is also a Wordle answer.

More so than Suede?