This Evening Thread

Wasssssssssup sexies? What u even up 2 this evenin Hun? I be

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Driven back from the peaks with a car full of nice beer. Gonna knock up a chicken and cous cous salad and drive some of the nice beer. Blazed through S1 of Twin Peaks, so might crack on with S2 later.


I’m thinking of buying a frozen pie and mash with liquor like you get from a pie shop for dinner. I can’t imagine it’ll freeze well but I’m curious

Had a big clear out of clothes just now (two bags worth) that I never wear anymore to give to Clothes Aid.

Let’s just say they’ll be plenty of ska punk t-shirts* to go around…

*I’m lying about this, as if I’d give them away!

Other than that - not much else, bit of food, write a review for my blog.

I got this for £2.50 earlier. I think @Witches will very much appreciate it.


Wank day at work, and the TV properly riled me this morning by deciding that she probably can’t go to my mate’s wedding in July which I’ve literally told her the date for about 4 times at this point. Feeling like I’m playing the second fiddle at this point tbh.

Urgh. Fuck today. Might just go to bed now.

:smiley: AMAZING!! Please make a cake and show us the results when you do :cake: I loved Garfield when I was little.

P.S. What you been up to? I’ve missed your posts :heart:

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Evening. Fairly awful day at work. Just had Chinese food and going to see Sara Pascoe later. Swings and roundabouts innit.

Racing around. Was househunting unsuccessfully (summer is a bad, bad time to househunt in a tourist area), and then suddenly had an interview and got offered to teach a residential summer course at the end of June, so ended up putting all my stuff into storage for a couple of months at short notice. Lots of racing around and hassle and short notice stuff, and still have to do a job app tonight for a longer-term job now.

Heading over to Croatia and Bosnia on Thursday for a week, because why not.

Days after a bank holiday are too stressful, they should come with the caveat that every boss, manager and owner of every company must accept that an extra day without post or work or whatever will inevitably cause a backlog and to BACK THE FUCK OFF for at least a week from said bh.

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I’ve got some soup on the go, won’t be ready in a while still but will be delicious – and I haven’t eaten enough today so really really really looking forward to it.

Planning to watch the fourth episode of new Twin Peaks tonight as well. And tomorrow morning I’m seeing The Sense of an Ending with Charlotte Rampling and Jim Broadbent, anyone seen it?

Hmmmm I’ll keep that in mind Ruffers :thinking:

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Evening troops,
Just back from the gym, was fine. Pure peach of en evening out there. Might go for a wander and a coffee later

Aw I’m sure you’re a very understanding employer :smiley:

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I’m absolutely amazing to work, like so amazing you wouldn’t even believe :wink::grinning:

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Evening all!

Reasonably satisfactory day of work; slightly worried that problems I solved earlier in the year with clever timetabling have been undone by strike action and student absence. I shouldn’t care because it isn’t my fault but I like to tie up loose ends if I can.

Made a version of bang bang chicken but didn’t make enough sauce. Going to Tesco to buy ingredients for a curry tomorrow.

had a lamb chop and some au gratin potatoes for dinner. literally me.

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Just found out Jeremy Corbyn has had THREE wives. Is he Ross Geller from friends?
Also his current wife is 20 years younger than him :confused:


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Bit disappointed in him tbh

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